SUMMARY: Error: waiting for lock on /dev/ttyh5

From: Don Cunningham - SunExpress IR (Don.Cunningham@East.Sun.COM)
Date: Sat Nov 07 1992 - 14:20:42 CST

Fellow Admins,
   Sorry it took so long to get a summary out on this,
but the problem happens so infrequently it took quite
awhile to test some of the responses.

Original post:
> Fellow Admins,
> Have any of you experienced a printer problem that
> results in the following error?
> Warning: distlw is down: waiting for lock on /dev/ttyh5
> It only happens occasionally but is impossible to fix
> without a system reboot. The normal methods of restarting
> a printer(lpc abort/start, kill & restart lpd) don't seem
> to work on this problem. It only happens when the printer
> needs to be powered off for any reason. But not every time.
> Not a major concern, just a real PITA when it happens. I
> really hate rebooting a server to fix a printer. Any help/
> suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thanks!

1) Kill printer daemon, remove device, remake device and restart daemon

   -Most frequent response, but did not work in my case.

2)"Stuck" filter program - abort printer, kill filter, restart printer

   -2nd most frequent response, and did fix the problem on occasion;
    at other times I've still had to reboot.

3) DTR problem. Try patch 100358-01

   -Will be applying this shortly

4) Two printers using the same device

   -Did not apply

5) Abort printer, kill pscomm, restart printer

   -Did not apply

6) Run /etc/load.drivers

   -Did not apply

7) Set device speed to 0 - stty 0 > /dev/ttyh5

   -Did not help

8) from Sun PAL: this is a known problem and there is
   no solution other than to reboot the server.

   -From a respondent;did not contact Sun PAL myself

Will be happy to forward all responses to anyone who requests it.
Thanks to:

Don Cunningham System Support Specialist
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