SUMMARY: Sun SS2 <--> LW IIf Problems

From: Steve Lodin (
Date: Fri Nov 06 1992 - 22:13:23 CST

Summary: I got the printer working at 19200. I took the easy way out, just
punching the switch in the back to 2 and using the same printcap entry, just
changing the baud rate to 19200 instead of 38400. Basically, I can't do it
the same way I was before. (So much for standardization)

Bitches: Apple not supporting 38400. Sun not supporting 57600.

Thanks to the following people (much better response than comp.sys.sun.admin): (Per Hedeland) (Brett Lymn)
Lawson A S <>
Jon Mellott <> (Peter Sivo) (Andy Feldt)
Brent Alan Wiese <> (Lewis E. Wolfgang) (fabrice cuq) (System Administrator)
Mike Raffety <>

Some insightful answers:

From: (Brett Lymn)

Yes it is a postscript error, I do not think that the IIf has the
executive command, it was intended to be talked at by machines not
humans. If you get this error what you need to do is enter a
control-d to indicate the end of job, a control-t will give you the
status of the printer. Once you have told the printer about the end
of job it should start accepting postscript commands, the one I always
use (because it is simple) is just showpage which, assuming everything
is working, will eject a page from the printer.

< ctrl-t is nifty. Do you have anymore hidden up your sleave? >

>From Thu Nov 5 07:20:35 1992

I have a IIg, and my solution was to put it on the Ethernet,
using the CAP package to get to it from the Suns. (CAP is big
and does lots of things for Sun-to-Mac connectivity, but you
need use only a little part of it to talk to a printer. There
is commercial software to do this, too.)

< I wish :-) >

From: Gene Rackow <>

It sounds like you might have a getty running on that port, or in the
remote file you have specified some sort of tc string that the
printer doesn't understand.

< No getty. I don't think there were any comm problems. >

From: Jon Mellott <>

I'm in the midst of doing something similar with a SS IPX and a LaserWriter
IIf. You can get the printer set to 19.2K simply by changing the switch
setting to 2.

< This is what I ended up doing. >


You can take this with a grain of salt since the setup is not quite
the same, but I hope it helps. I just got through hooking a IIg
to a SS1+ running 4.1.2. The IIg has a selector switch on the back
(looks like a SCSI id selector) that sets the IO port configuration
and/or baud rate. The settings are in the Owner's Guide (p27 & p101).
I set this to 2 for RS-232 at 19200, set the SS1+ serial port to
'19200,8,n,1,-' via 'eeprom', and everything works. The printcap
entry is as follows:

< I didn't have to change the eeprom settings. >

From: (Peter Sivo)
From: (Per Hedeland)


% little proc to turn off the start page (printed when the printer is
% first turned on)
% and set the default timeouts to 90 seconds for I/O,
% 60 seconds for manual feed and 0 (never) for a print job
% Also set the serial port speed. You can set this to 19200 on a LaserWriter
% Plus.

serverdict begin
statusdict begin
0 checkpassword
   {0 exitserver}
   {(Incorrect Server Password!!)= flush}

statusdict begin
false setdostartpage
0 60 90 setdefaulttimeouts
25 9600 0 setsccbatch

From: (fabrice cuq)

Did you try to cat your postscript command file to the tty used by the

< Didn't need to. The tip command would do the same thing. That would be >
< good to remember for a system w/o tip or kermit. >

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