SUMMARY: Laserwriter on sun skipping edges

From: Upkar Singh Kohli (
Date: Fri Nov 06 1992 - 18:58:53 CST

My question was regarding a laserwriter (connected to sun) skipping
portion of printouts at near-edges of the paper. Since so many people
responded, and many with varied opinions, I would like to briefly
summarize (even though this turns out to be a non-sun problem, but
worthwhile to many sun managers).

I finally "solved" my problem temporarily by lowering the displacement
between lines (in the postscript prologue used for text files). Most
of our applications generating postscript files have "shrink" option
too. One reply did mention a similar solution after I had worked it out.
This reply mentioned changes in "enscript" prologue, but I chose to
change "" since enscript printed with proper margins by default.

The major consensus was to increase the memory. One reply mentioned
that I should take 1 MB off (out of 5MB). But I had only 2MB. Few
replies referred to magnet alignments on the side of the paper tray.
But the tray with my printer is only for letter size paper, and
the printer is supposed to sense the paper size automatically from
the tray. Few replies sent me postscript codes to be sent to the
printer to turn the photograde option off, so less memory is needed.
I think it was already off in my case, since the code did not seem to
affect. Or perhaps 2MB is too low anyway.

Thanks a lot for your great replies. I will be increasing the RAM soon. (John Lees) (Robert Meisner FE)
Kathy Holle <>
evan@flatiron (Evan L. Marcus [Fusion Services Group])
Brent Alan Wiese <>
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Alex Sarafian <> (Probert) (Andy Feldt)
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