SUMMARY: Sharing printers between Macs & Suns with InterPrint

From: Fabrice Guerini (
Date: Thu Nov 05 1992 - 14:36:01 CST

In my original message (included at the end), I asked how to get InterPrint
from InterCon working on our NeWSprint-based SPARCprinters, and, if that
was not possible, what was the best solution.

It turns out that it was possible, and the answer came from Jeff Goldfarb:

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 92 09:43:40 EDT
From: (jeff goldfarb)

I haven't tried using InterPrint (yet), but it is my intention
to go in that direction [how do you like it, aside from its not

It sounds like your problem *may* be the version of NeWSprint.
Version 1 was hopeless with Mac files, and Version 2 was supposed
to fix the problem. Imagind my surprise when messages similar to
yours started to appear (often followed by crashes).

The solution - there is a Rev B and a Rev C of the NeWSprint
distribution... check your CD label.

All mac files I've tried on the new Rev (I have C) seem to work...
I imagine that the same will be true in your case.

I did not even have Rev B, but Rev A! I got my sales droid to exchange
it for a Rev C and all is well now (at least, as well as NeWSprint can

I received several other interesting suggestions, but involving more
work or more money, so I did not investigate. A lot of them suggested
the Columbia AppleTalk Package, of course, but I'd rather use something
out of the box. They are appended hereafter.

Many thanks to

robert@mcco.COM (Robert Andrews) (Jeff Goldfarb) (Joost van Vroonhoven) (Peter Edgerton) (Jeff Mittelman)
zshouben@PCS.CNU.EDU (Zhou Shouben) (Donald McLachlan) (Kerry Duke) (Mike Raffety) (Ron Vasey) (Leo Mannhart)
wallen@cogsci.UCSD.EDU (Mark R. Wallen) (Ron Parachoniak) (Frank Ooms)

and to, who reminded me that my posting was inappropriate,
but with such diplomacy...


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Date: Tue, 20 Oct 92 22:34:05 PDT
From: robert@mcco.COM (Robert Andrews)

Well, I have that problem pretty much licked....

I am running netatalk on my sparcstations, which give me file and print
service to the macintosh through my sparc printers. I am running
netatalk 1.2.1 and NEWSprint 2.0c on the sparcprinters. It will not work
with newsprint 1.0. I am actually printing through a mac and sparc at home
through a slip link to work where the SPARCprinter is. Works great! I also
print to a NEC postscript printer in my office at work, again through
NEWSprint 2.0. The only problem with netatalk, is that it is Ethertalk phase
I not II, although there is supposed to be a new release pending. Netatalk it
public domain, so no cost to you. I also got great help with it from the
authors at Umichigan.

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1992 01:55:50 PDT

I managed to persuade lwsrv which comes with the CAP (Columbia Appletalk
Package) to work like this.... It takes a bit of TLC and doesn't work for
all Mac print jobs though....we only use it as a back up.

Basically it just advertises itself as a LaserWriter on the Atalk network...
and spools to a SPARCPrinter. It isn't really supposed to do this...but it
seems to work ok(ish).

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 92 10:32:36 GMT
From: (Joost van Vroonhoven)

I had the same problem: 2 Sun's wanting to print and 4 Mac's also.
And too small a setup to buy expensive Sun software to do translation.
I tried the public domain "macps" program, but that worked only a little.

I now have an Apple LaserWtiter IIg connected serially to my Sun and
over EtherTalk to my Mac's. The printer automagically switches between
input sources . Everybody is happy.

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 92 12:06:58 BST

Have a look at a piece of software called CAP (path leval 126). This will
alow the suns to access laser printes on the Mac network and Macs to access
lasers on the suns (Among other things). Ask your local ARCHIE site where
to get CAP from.

CAP (patch leval 126) works with native ethertalk through the NIT interface
on the SUN. It supports both phase 1 and phase 2 networks.

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 92 07:32:52 EDT
From: (Jeff Mittelman)

I accomplished what you want by buying a product called NetPrint for
Sun by Sitka (a Sun subsidiary) for about $500. It allows sharing of
printers in both directions (Sun to Mac and Mac to Sun). It works with
NeWSprint and SPARCprinters but I think it must be version 2.0 rev B or
higher. This package has worked nearly flawlessly unlike the others we

[Note: You can now get this through SunExpress]

From: Ess_Robert_D/
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 92 07:33:19 -0500

LaserWriter version 7.0.1 and 7.1 are not compatible with News-
print. Load up LaserWriter 7.0 and things should work fine. Using
System 7, just put the driver in a public shared folder and have
the individual users drop it in. This cured our Newsprint prob0

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 92 08:49:58 EDT
From: zshouben@PCS.CNU.EDU (Zhou Shouben)

        You can solve this problem by using K-Talk & K-Spool software
        from Mt Xinu (510)644-0146. We have been using this software
        since long time before and it is prety good. You can connect
        postscript printer either to Mac, Sun or ethernet.

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 92 09:22:13 CDT

I have found the PostScript printers from HP and Panasonic to be
"plug compatible" with the Apple LaserWriter IIs -- even the same
printcap. Your mileage may vary for some unusual encapsulated
graphics sources, but for most documents, they work just fine.

A slick (but expensive) compatibility package is TOPS for Mac/Sun.
The latest version (I think) makes the Sun printer visible to the
Mac "Chooser" -- a no-brainer once you figure out the installation
requirements (which are made more difficult than they need to be).

From: wallen@cogsci.UCSD.EDU (Mark R. Wallen)
Date: 21 October 1992 0829-PDT (Wednesday)

You might try saving the Mac postscript output to a file
(easy to do with the system 7 laserwriter "print" dialog.
The ftp/copy that up to your unix host and try previewing
it with a postscript previewer like ghostscript or pageview.
The Mac "laser prep" often includes commands that take the
printer out of the server loop, which will fail if the printer
is not hooked up in a "server" (appletalk/localtalk) mode.
The old fix used to be to just dump the file in postscript
and prepend a specially doctored version of the laser
prep file at the Unix end before sending to the printer.

Haven't had much experience with System 7 printing yet (we're
still in system 6 land :-). And no experience with InterPrint;
we use the Colombia AppleTalk Package (CAP) in conjunction with
appletalk based printers.

Date: 21 Oct 92 9:16 -0700
From: Ron Parachoniak <>

We don't use Interprint but we do print from a mac onto our postscript
printer connected to a sun. Take a look at the package called


You may also want to look at


These files are available from the Info-Mac archive at []


And my original message:

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Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1992 12:25:34 -0700
From: (Fabrice Guerini)
Reply-To: (Fabrice Guerini)
Subject: Sharing printers between Macs & Suns with InterPrint


Here is what I would like to do :

           +-------+ +-------------+
           |+-----+| | |
           || Mac || | Sun |
           || || | | +---------+
           |+-----+| | |---------| Printer |==
           | -- | | | +---------+
           +-------+ +-------------+ +---------+
               | +-------------+
               | | |
               | +-------------+
               | |

Here is what I have :

        * Macs with Ethernet interface cards running System 7.0.1
          and InterPrint from InterCon Systems.
        * Suns running SunOS 4.1.2
        * SPARCprinters with NeWSprint 1.0 _and_ 2.0

Here is my problem :

  I have tried using InterPrint first to redirect print output to both
  NeWSprint 1.0 and NeWSprint 2.0 SPARCprinters, but I get

        %%[ Error: Message: process(0x3d25d4, 'Unnamed process', runnable)
        Error: /rangecheck
        Command: 'readline'
        Ostack: {currentfile eexec} save[2] file(?,W,R) (\r1861AEDAAA5472E4FD

  and a bunch of gook that I will spare you. No surprise on my part, I kind
  of expected NeWSprint not to understand PostScript coming from a Mac.

  Okay, so next try was to hook up a HP LaserJet IIP with PostScript cartridge
  to a Sun (it was hooked to a Mac before) and try to send some simple
  PostScript commands to it, but to no avail, I kept getting PS ERROR 18
  on the printer display. Since the Mac users needed something to print on,
  I quickly put the LJII back on the Mac after this unsuccessful trial.

So, still wanting to use InterPrint, but also wanting to have a PS printer
that understand PostScript from the Mac as well as from the Sun, what would
you suggest ? I would buy a LaserWriter II like Sun used to sell, but I
don't think those are still available. These were made by Apple and sure
did not choke on Mac PostScript.

Now, if any of you had a brilliant solution that allowed use of the
SPARCprinters, I would be delighted, not having to buy more hardware!

Thanks for your help in anticipation (and thanks for suffering through this

-- ,
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