Summary: two-headed SPARCsatation

From: John Lees (
Date: Mon Nov 02 1992 - 13:50:41 CST

I asked:
  I have a SPARCstation 2 with a monochrome frame buffer.
  I want to add a second, GX, frame buffer. I cannot find
  any reference in the Sun docs on doing this. If you've done
  it, please let me hear from you. I want to continue to use
  the monochrome display as my primary display, but need the
  ability to look at color images, also.

I received encouraging replies from a couple of people, so I
tried it. The frame buffer in the lower SBus slot is the console
at boot time. OpenWindows uses that device as its unix:0.0,
but X11 uses the other device (/dev/cgsix0) as its unix:0.0.
Other than that, everything works as it should.

BTW, in the course of playing around with this, I had a chance
to look at a grayscale monitor on a GX card. Looks real nice.

Thanks to:

 Stephen E. Hansen -
 John DiMarco -

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