SUMMARY: z-modem protocol software

From: Thomas Kroener (
Date: Tue Nov 10 1992 - 05:17:41 CST

Some people asked me to post a summary of what I have found

1. pcomm: A programm similar to PCOMM available for MS-DOS-PC.
               Seemed to be a communication-program to work with
               modems connected to a serial port of the sun.
                           and most ftp-sites

2. rz,sz: rz and sz are a package for sending (sz) and receiving (rz)
               data under the z-modem protocol.
               Source is available on and simtel (and most
               other ftp-sites with a sun-directory!)
               It's shareware ($20.00).

I don't know how good or bad these programs work (I'm just installing rz/sz
for tests), but I hope this information will help!


| Thomas Kroener |
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