SUMMARY: need help with 'execl(3V)'

From: Joel L. Seber ... CH210 (JLS2013@TNTECH.BITNET)
Date: Sat Oct 17 1992 - 22:20:58 CDT

From: TTU::JLS2013 "Joel L. Seber ... CH210" 15-OCT-1992 13:27:47.52
CC: JLS2013
Subj: need help with 'execl(3)V)
Running SUNOS 4.1.1b on Sparcstations 1, 1+, 2, IPC, all networked, NIS.
I need some assistance with the 'execl(3V)' command. I am attempting to
write a front-end for 'rlogin' and 'rsh' to restrict their usage to our
local net (I know about group access, but this is an entirely different
problem). The front-end is in C, and my parameter parser works fine.
My problem is when I try to call /usr/ucb/rlogin (haven't gotten to rsh yet)
with 'execl'. My call looks like this:
if ( ok == 'y' )
    *++argv; /* to remove my program name */
    execl("/usr/ucb/rlogin", argv);
as specified in the man page. If I send one parameter as in
% myrlogin machinea
everything works fine. If I send any more than one parameter, as in
% myrlogin -8 machinea
I get the usage message from 'rlogin' as if I had sent a wrong parameter.
I have even tried this with the straight 'exec' call and sending exactly the
parameters in the second example and terminating with a null ( (char *)0 ).
That also failed exactly as above.
I even print the parameters I send before sending to make sure that they are
Any clues? I am at my wit's end on this one.
Please send any replies to me directly and I will summarize.
Thanks much,
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