SUMMARY: automatic signature in mailtool?

From: Andy Sherman (
Date: Wed Oct 21 1992 - 13:20:51 CDT

NOTE: My question was originally posted to sun-managers, but I'm
posting the summary here, where it might be of general interest.

I originally wrote to the sun-managers mailing list:

> Does anybody know of a way to coerce mailtool (under OpenWindows 3.0)
> into automatically appending a file (like your .signature) at the end
> of every outgoing message? TFM has been of no help, and neither has
> running strings on mailtool and Mail looking for suggestive stuff.

Responses (other than requests for the summary) fell into three

1) (This one I actually figured out myself about an hour after I
posted) Write a shell script wrapper around sendmail to do it and
include in your .mailrc the line:

        set sendmail=signmail

where signmail is a script like

# signmail - automatically add .signature to mail and then
# exec sendmail
if [ -f ${HOME}/.signature ]; then
        (cat - ; echo "--" ; cat ${HOME}/.signature)|exec /usr/lib/sendmail $*
        exec /usr/lib/sendmail $*

A side benefit of this method is that mail sent using the ASCII
interface, Mail, will also have the .signature appended.

2) This one is not automatic, but provides the user with the
capability of choosing among several alternative signatures or no
signature at all. This uses the Template feature. From the main
mailtool menu, select "Edit -> Properties". Then go to the Templates
menu and add an entry for every signature file you want included.

When composing mail, select "Include -> Template -> (sigentry)" with
the cursor at the bottom of the file.

3) This one is also not automatic. Bind your signature to a function
key by placing an entry such as this in your ~/.textswrc

cat ~/.signature

Again, you can have a repertoire of signatures bound to different

Thanks to all who replied: (Hans Baumeister) (Robert Meisner FE)
Mr T Crummey (DIJ) <> (Bill Heiser)
RBEBB@USC.PPPL.GOV (Russ Bebb, 609 243-2351) (Fred Hoare) (Ivan Angus - ne Dean)
Daniel Quinlan <danq@lemond.Colorado.EDU> (Sean N. Welch)
Merik Karman <>
gta!paul@uunet.UU.NET (Paul Emerson) (Matt Cohen) (Phil Blanchfield)
Peter Farmer <>
Alex Sarafian <>

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