SUMMARY: SCSI boot on 4/280

From: Barry Shein (
Date: Fri Oct 23 1992 - 08:55:35 CDT

Dozens of answers, here's my summary tho I haven't tried it yet:

1. It might not work on older ROMs (pre-2.8.4, specifically 1.7), but
otherwise should be fine and lots of folks on this list do this. Many
4/260's (same CPU board) were sold SCSI-only.

2. Remember to gen a kernel which knows about this.

3. To those who believe a 4/280 has a SCSI port on the motherboard,
well, thanks for responding, but nope, different beast.

Thanks to the dozens of people who replied who I would list but it's
late and I want to get know who you are!

        -Barry Shein

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