SUMMARY: Terminal-Program for Unix (Sparc)

From: Heinz-Josef Claes (
Date: Mon Oct 26 1992 - 06:47:38 CST

Some time ago, I posted some questions about a terminal-program for
sparc (to dial *out*) and about problems with zmodem.

1. There *is* realy a terminal-program which is working well on
   sparcs. It's pcomm-2.0 (the version 1.2.8 doesn't work).
   I've made it available on our ftp-server,
   file /pub/source/pcomm.tar. Included in the tar file is a patch
   for suns.
2. With pcomm, I can upload and download with the build-in x/ymodem
   without any problems with my ZyXEL (up to 16800 baud).
   When using the external zmodem, errors will occur. Someone told me
   to set the window size to 8192 (sz -w 8192), but this is impossible.
   My old sz/rz (Version 1.xx) doesn't support this, and the newer
   version from Omen-Technology can't be called by a program.

I'm using SUNOS 4.1.2 on a sparc 1.

Heinz-Josef Claes
University of Essen


PS: If you are interested, I can send you my configuration files for
    ZyXEL. But it's not difficult to figure it out (unfortunateley
    you have to read the documentation).

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