SUMMARY: calendar doesn't work

Date: Sat Oct 31 1992 - 02:16:06 CST

Here is what I posted.

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Subject: calendar doesn't work
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 92 12:21:42 -0500
From: Tom Reingold <tommy>

Any idea why /usr/bin/calendar would not work? I am running "crontab
- -" from root's crontab. It sends no mail. I tried running it
manually, and still no output. This is on a sparcstation 1+ running
SunOS 4.1.1.

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First of all, people caught that I made a typo. Of course, my crontab
doesn't say "crontab -", it says "calendar -".

Many people made sure that I knew that /usr/bin/calendar is a script
that calls /usr/lib/calendar.

Many people told me that it is not intended to find calendars on
NFS-mounted filesystems. I had known that. (The justified reason for
this is that you don't want EVERY machine where your home directory
appears to send you mail. This also generates tons of NFS traffic,
probably all at the same time. Not a pretty picture.) The trick is
that I had not noticed HOW they do that test. They expect that the
home directory field of the passwd entry is of the form
/home/hostname/dir. I don't use that scheme, so that's why the script
didn't detect and physically mounted home directories.

Some suggested that I change it back to allow NFS-mounted directories
and run it only on one machine. I expect that once I get automount
running, that's going to be a nightmare, so I will figure out how to
detect local home directories and run it on each machine.

One person thought that the time zone change may have caused the
problem. Not in my case.

One person said that I should run $OPENWINHOME/bin/install_cmgr, and I
don't know why. What does that do? That's not for the same calendar
program is it?

Thanks go to:

Brent Alan Wiese <>
allegra!mp (Mark Plotnick)
Emmett Hogan <> (Probert) (J. Matt Landrum) (Probert)
david@srv.PacBell.COM (David St. Pierre)
era@niwot.scd.ucar.EDU (Ed Arnold)
jsin@JANET.UCLA.EDU (John Sin)
Kevin Cosgrove 642-2676 <qiclab!solomon!kevinc>
Claus Assmann <>
Peter Shipley <shipley@tfs.COM>
Colin Macleod <>
Ross A Macintyre <> (Drew Montag) (Andy Sherman)
lemke@MITL.COM (Kennedy Lemke) (Mike Pearlman) (Todd L. Kindig @ Micom Comm. Corp.) (Frederick Curiel)

I am:

Tom Reingold
AT&T Bell Labs, Holmdel, NJ or att!boole!tommy

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