SUMMARY: Solaris XDM oddity

From: Dave Shevett (sparc!
Date: Wed Oct 28 1992 - 18:25:52 CST

Sorry this took a little to get out:
(my original message, truncated for brevity)

>Harumph. Solaris 2.0, Sun IPC w/32meg RAM, running OpenWindows 3.01.
>Sun386 running X11R4 - the server is running, and xdm connects to it
>with the greeting widget. I try to log in, and get a 'login failed,
>please try again'.

Well, after talking with Sun and many other folks on the net, it
seems that there is no easy solution. The solution I came up with
is to install the Solaris 2.1 early access ROM that I got. That
fixed the xdm problem. (when all else fails, throw a new release
at it).

Thanks to all who responded.

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