SUMMARY: sun patch database

From: Bruce Walton (
Date: Sat Oct 17 1992 - 03:04:40 CDT

Well, I got plenty of responses from my post asking what the deal
was with sun's dialup patch database.

Essentially, the response I got was: you need to be a software support
customer to use it. They tell you the password when you pay your

Someone else mentioned a "SunSolve" CD which contains all the patches.
I don't know how much it costs, or how often it's updated. I can
imagine it goes out-of-date rather quickly.

There are some ftp sites which maintain some set of patches.

| Subject: SUMMARY - sun patches via ftp
| Date: Wed, 14 Oct 92 15:22:45 EDT
| From: zinnato@NADC.NADC.NAVY.MIL
| Thanks to everyone who responded. It seems that SOME sun patches are
| available via anonymous FTP. The following is a list of places suggested. I
| didn't check them all, so caveat FTPor:

I haven't checked any of these sources besides uunet, whose supply of
patches is very limited...

Thanks to everybody who responded,


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