SUMMARY: Restoring cm data

From: Christopher Nims (nims@Andersen.COM)
Date: Sat Oct 17 1992 - 00:11:59 CDT

My original message was:

> Folks,
> We've recently converted a standalone sparc1 system into a "diskless"
> machine with local swap. In the process, the user has lost all information
> in Calander Manager. We've restored /usr/spool/calendar/callog.{user} but
> the information is still not showing up. Any ideas as to where cm keeps
> this information?

Thanks to all who responded. Several suggested making sure that rpc.cmsd
was restarted.

My solution was to make sure rpc.cmsd wasn't running, and to restore the
entire calendar directory by mounting the local drive onto /mnt and doing
the following:
        % cd /mnt/var/spool
        % tar cf - calendar | (cd /var/spool ; tar xfBp -)
At that point, restarting cm worked fine.

Christopher D. Nims                                
Senior Network Administrator				   Andersen Consulting

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