SUMMARY: Raw Partitions and cylinder 0

From: Merik Karman (
Date: Wed Oct 14 1992 - 07:20:16 CDT

First of all I must thank all those that replied to my question:

>I have a problem regarding the use of raw partitions under Sunos 4.1.3 .
>My local SUN support people tell me that I can not have a raw partition as
>the first partition on any disk because it scribbles on the disk label.
>I accept this but not the reason given. When I wanted to start the first
>partition at cylinder 2 instead of 0 they said that would not work either.
>I thought the disk label was something that was written to a specific
>physical location on the disk and when cylinder 0 was involved with a raw
>partition the database internal format of that partition scribbled on the
>label. SUN tell me that not only do I need a 2 cylinder partition reserved
>at the start of these disks but I also need a filesystem on it.
>Could anyone enlighten me please.

The following points summarise the replies:

1. You can use the first partition including cylinder 0 as
swap "these days" (unfortunately not qualified to OS version).

2. Any database raw partition can be defined on any partition.
However it should not involve cylinder 0.

3. There is no need to have a filesystem or a partition defined on
the unused one cylinder.

4. This means you can have partition "a" starting on cylinder 1.

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