SUMMARY: Problems running HP-UX X-clients under OW 3.0

From: Gerhard Hertlein (
Date: Tue Oct 06 1992 - 17:42:19 CDT


my problem was that X-Clients using the Motif1.1 library from HP
blocked for ca. 15 min before starting up when using
OpenWindows 3.0 as display server.

I received numerous replies, many thanks to all.

The outcome was:

1. xnews has a bug (Sun BugId 1076332).
2. The timeouts in the HP Motif library are set to bad values.
3. There is a workaround:
   Add the line: *useColorObj: false
   to your .Xdefaults file (you must reload the file with xrdb or restart OW).
   This is a temporary work-around introduced in the Motif library.
4. The problem was discussed in comp.sys.hp and comp.sys.sun.apps
5. There is a patch for the xnews server: 100444-26
   Somebody mentioned, that 100444-18 (or later) is sufficient.
   The README file of this patch does not mention the BugId 1076332,
   but it is nevertheless fixed.

Sun sent me the 100444-26 patch, and everything is working fine now.
Until I got the patch, I used the workaround.

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