SUMMARY: 3270 connectivity for PCs via SunLink SNA3270

From: Barry Hathaway (
Date: Tue Oct 06 1992 - 20:41:35 CDT

Original question:
   I have network consisting of SPARCstations and PC clones. Currently the Suns
   access an IBM mainframe using SunLink CG3270 with one of the Suns acting as a
   gateway and running SunLink SNA3270. The PCs on the network currently share
   files with the Suns using Sun's PC-NFS product. Now the PCs want the
   capability to logon to the mainframe. What is the best way to do this?
   Can SunLink SNA3270 support this? What terminal emulators are needed on the

The consensus was to use Sun's Advanced Telnet which is a add-on product that
goes with PC-NFS, and does 3270 emulation. This makes the most sense since both
SunLink SNA3270 and PC-NFS are already installed.

Other responses included:
   1.) IRMA cards
   2.) tn3270
   3.) CUTCP/CUTE, Clarkson University Tcp Communication Package
   4.) kermit
   5.) logging on to a Sun and use the CG3270 product there

Thanks to all that responded: (Guy Jones) (Birger A. Wathne) (Matt Goheen) (Tilman Sommer) (Christian Lawrence) (Carlo Musante) (Tom Poage) (Jim Traeber)

Barry Hathaway
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