SUMMARY: HP ScanJet IIc Color Desktop Scanner

Date: Wed Oct 07 1992 - 05:49:17 CDT

Here is the delayed summary for request that I posted some time
back. The response was quick and overwhelming.

It turned out that there are two basic products that support the

1. FirstScan II ( $895 ) from Aurora Technologies, MA
2. Pixel!FX ( $1595 ) from Mentalix, Texas.

PS: Mentalix seems to have raised the price of their product. I noticed
    that from an old Quote of their which was $995. May be they have
    new features in their present version which didn't have in the past.

Once again thank you to all those helpful souls.

Original Question:

>We have a "HP ScanJet IIc Color Desktop Scanner" that is hooked up to a PC.
>Our present interest is to some way get it hooked up to our Suns such
>that we can scan it on an Sbus interface.
>So my question is does anyone of you tried to set this up on a Sun. If
>so what kind of hardware ( viz. boards etc ) and software is needed to
>get this working on a Sun.

>>From: Jim Lick <>

        A few months back on comp.unix.sysv386, someone posted about using
the HP ScanJet IIc Color Scanner on unix systems. If I recall correctly,
the person was an employee of Microport which is a vendor of Unix System
V packages for PC compatibles. Sorry I'm so hazy on the details, but this
is at least a lead you could check on. From what he said, there was a
way of hooking the scanner up to a SCSI bus and write a simple driver to
pull scans off the printer. He had a working driver already and was
eventually going to release it. I hope this leads you down the right trail.
I too am interested in scanning directly into one of my Unix systems. I
try not to invest anything more into my DOS box unless I really have to.

>>From: Arie Bikker <>

Please summarize relevant responses; this is an interesting subject to me too.

>>From: John R. Kilheffer <>

Give Aurora Technologies a call (you know, the guys who make the Sbus
parallel cards, etc.) and ask them about their FirstScan product. This product
is really for a ScanJet plus (the black and white scanner), but they also have
a product for the color scanner as I understand it. The interface is an
OpenLook application which works very nicely.

>>From: (Donna L. Cornwell)

There is a package called Pixel!FX from Mentalix which supports this
scanner off the SCSI port for Sun, Dec, and HP. The software
includes the drivers and scanning software. They also have OCR
software which I think is sold as a separate option.

I have the HP version which I was able to install and get running
very quickly. I did not have to rebuild the kernal for the SCSI
version ( which was not clear from the documentation. )
Other than the aforementioned glitch, I thought the documentation
for the scanner/image manipulation was very good.

Company information:

                Mentalix, Inc.
                1700 Alma Drive, Suite 110
                Plano, Texas 75075
                (214) 423-9377

>>From: (Michiel Steltman)

Call Aurora Technologies, Waltham MA at 617-290-4800
They have a package calld FirstScanII, that will do everything you want and
lots more. Costs about 995 ( or 895), including cable and manual. You will
like it.

>>From: Mike Raffety <>

SCSI is your best bet ... see the scanner manual.

>>From: Kerien Fitzpatrick <>

Mentalix software supports the IIc on Sun SPARCstations. I don't know
how the interface works out (we have their software for the ScanJet
Plus). Here is the contact info:

Contact: John Carnegie
Phone: (214)234-6611

>>From: (Jeff Martin)

        My name is Jeff Martin from Aurora Technologies. I am the
Technical Support Rep. for our FirstScanII product. This product
allows you to connect an HP ScanJet IIP or IIC and do Gary Scale
or Color scaning. It will also allow you to scan 24 bit color scans.
I am passing your email to our sales force and am going to have a
rep give you a call with more information. If you have any immediate
questions please mail me. Thankyou.
        Jeff Martin
        Aurora Technologies
        Sr. Support Analyst

>>From: (patti stirk)

        Aurora in Cambridge, MA makes an interface kit to do just that ~$200
Call David Paradise @ 617.290.4800, tell him I told you...

>>From: (Martin Lichtin)

You don't need an Sbus card. The SCSI interface works just fine. We
are using the Pixel!FX application from Mentalix to do the scanning.
The software works pretty well, but still has a some annoying bugs.
Aurora is now also offering IIc scanner software called FirstScan II.

From: DJ Walker-Morgan <>

ScanJet IIc is a SCSI scanner .... sooooo.... All you need is the software to drive it.
I'm using Mentallix's Pixel/FX which supports 24 bit scanning and some really
great image processing and OCR and...
(We just happen to sell it in the UK... but talk to the folks

Other options may be First Scan Plus from Aurora.

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