98% SUMMARY: xarchie for Openwin

From: Donald McLachlan (don@mars.dgrc.doc.ca)
Date: Fri Oct 09 1992 - 20:16:01 CDT

I got a lot of: "just make it, it works"
and a lot of: "please send the answer I can't build it either"

So here are my instructions to ALMOST build xarchie-1.3 in the hopes someone
can tell me/us what we are doing wrong.

FYI, on this machine `uname -a` reports SunOS mars 4.1.2 1 sun4m

I found my main problem was trying to build it as root. My root
account knows nothing about openwin paths etc, which causes all sorts of
headaches until you figure out what is wrong.

So as root in my main install directory (/usr/local/src) I did
        mkdir xarchie-1.3
        mv xarchie-1.3.tar xarchie-1.3
        cd xarchie-1.3
        tar xf *.tar
        cd ..
        chown -R don xarchie-1.3
Then logged in as myself (in openwin).

1) edit Imakefile and set (assumes not installing right away)
        CDEBUGFLAGS = -O
        INCLUDES = -I. -I$(EZMENUDIR) -I/usr/openwin/include
        LOCAL_LIBRARIES = -L$(EZMENUDIR) -L/usr/local/openwin/lib -l$(EZMENULIB) XawClientLibs

2) xmkmf

3) make Makefiles

4) make depend

5) make
        making all in ./Ad2c...
        ad2c is up to date
        making all in ./EzMenu...
        (cd EzMenu; echo "making all in ./EzMenu..."; \
        make 'CDEBUGFLAGS=-O' all);
        making all in ./EzMenu...
        rm -f xarchie
        cc -o xarchie aquery.o atalloc.o dirsend.o get_pauth.o get_vdir.o
              perrmesg.o ptalloc.o stcopy.o support.o vl_comp.o vlalloc.o
              xarchie.o db.o actions.o types.o classnames.o procquery.o
              settings.o ftp.o alert.o confirm.o dialog.o -O -LEzMenu
              -L/usr/local/openwin/lib -lezMenu-sparc -lXaw -lXmu -lXt
              -lXext -lX11
        ld: Undefined symbol
        Compilation failed
        *** Error code 2
        make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `xarchie'

What do we (who can't build it) do now?
Only thing I see is ...

        From: birger@vest.sdata.no (Birger A. Wathne)
        By the way: There are some patches for libXmu and libXt for OW 3.0.
        They give some errors about unresolved references.

... does this ring any bells for anyone?

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