SUMMARY: How to manipulate sun-cmd title bar

Date: Tue Oct 13 1992 - 00:36:15 CDT


> I'm running a sun-cmd terminal under OpenWindows 3.0.
> I want to be able to actively manipulate the string
> in the title bar of the window (for example, I'd like
> it to display the current directory).


[I received 30-40 replies, all similar to this one, courtesy
 of Farokh J. Deboo.]

The ones I have used are straight from one of the sun manuals.
They work under both sunview and an earlier version of openwindows.
You may want to try them. Here are some the aliases I have set up
to invoke them (use an editor like 'vi' to read the next few lines,
they may get garbled up if you're viewing this message under a
pager like 'more' or 'less' or other tool):

alias wlabel 'echo -n "]l\!*\"'
alias close 'echo "[2t"'
alias hide 'echo "[6t"'
alias expose 'echo "[5t"'
alias wl 'wlabel `who am i` --- `dirs`'

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