SUMMARY: NewsPrint to remote printers on PC

From: Dirk Behrens (
Date: Tue Oct 13 1992 - 13:00:03 CDT

Some weeks ago I ask this questions:

We have one problem with the NeWSprint 2.0 SW from SUN. We4ve attached several
PCs via PC-NFS 4.0 to our SUN-Cluster. We use printers (HP Deskjet 500 (C))
local to the PC4s as shared printers. So you can print from the SUN Workstation
to your local printer connected to your PC in your Office. This option is
supported by PC-NFS and works fine.

Now we want to use this local printers as NeWSprint Devices. Is there the
opportunity to install a remote NeWSprint printer so that the NeWSprint Software
runs on one machine (SUN) but the printer is connected to another machine (here:
PC), where no NeWSprint is running ?

We tried several ways but nothing works. The problem seems to be that the
"engine_control" process from the NeWSprint Software directly accesses the
hardware, which is physicaly attached to the machine.

Can anybody help ?


I`ve got 1 answer from Mike Raffety <>. He said:

No, and you wouldn't want to, even if you could (huge bandwidth requirements
between NeWSprint and the imaging device).

But we don`t want to print complex images via NeWSprint to our Deskjet 500. We
only want to take advantage of the well formated output for mails, News-artikels
and so on via NeWSprint. Also printing is not very often, so it is not so
difficult with bandwidth requirements and net traffic. Because the Deskjet
Printers are not attached to a sun we have no opportunity to use them with
NeWSprint (it can not run on a PC !).

So, are their some other people using remote printers via NeWSprint ?


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