SUMMARY: Using root to change other peoples passwords and names

From: Martin Rootes (
Date: Tue Oct 13 1992 - 18:39:01 CDT

My original question:

> Dear All,

> I need to be able to change users passwords when they forget them and also
> to set user names. The problem is that yppasswd seems to require root to type
> in the users current password for both operations, is there anyway round this
> or will I have to write a utility to update the passwd file directly.

> Martin.

> P.S. This is on SunOS 4.1.2

The secret is to login to the master yp server and then use passwd, (which is
what I was doing). However if your passwd file is a location other than
/etc/passwd (which ours is) you need to use the -F option of passwd to specify
the correct location. Once passwd has been run you need to rebuild the NIS maps.
So the full sequence is:

   (Login to yp server)

   passwd -F /location/of/passwd username

   (Enter password twice)

   cd /var/yp (or where ever NIS is located)

Using the -f option enables you to change the users name.

Thanks to the following (and anyone else who responds whilst I've been typing
this): Meg Grice Dan ???? Phil Blanchfield Nick Ayoub Tim Evans Jean-Benoit Gauthier
Andrew.Rakowski@East.Sun.COM Andrew Rakowski Claus Assmann Brett Lymn)


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