SUMMARY: Catalyst Catalogue accessable via answerbook

From: Randy Born (
Date: Tue Sep 29 1992 - 22:03:59 CDT

Some said too hard, some said not worth the trouble, and then their was
some who said here is how we did it.

Yes it works!, solution is shown below in responses received.

SUMMARY: Catalyst Catalogue access via AnswerBook

>Is it possible to cd the directory off the CD-ROM to disk and then
>use AnswerBook to access the info:
>I need to get the Catalyst.Catalogue online ( On cdrom is not good enough as
>it is not always mounted and it is slowwww)
>It seems that a few things are missing for adding it as a subdir4ectory to
>AnswerBook (bin/{bookinfo,answerbook.......})

From: (Brett Lymn)
Why not just copy off the entire CD and remove the bits you don't want
(i.e everything but the Catalyst stuff). Since the CD is meant to be
a standalone affair it should have all you need to run the thing.

From: ups!kevin@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
I doubt that the CD stuff is in AnswerBook format - that usually has
the search indices and hyper-text links built into it, and I doubt Sun
has had the time for an ambitious project like that for the Cat. Cat.

My better half did the Premier (local name for same thin) catalog for
Sun, and we wanted to do something like that. Too Hard was the reply.

From: (Mark Plotnick)
look in /cdrom/bin/AnswerBook.binaries

(the existing Answerbook binaries we had also worked, for some
but not all users).

be sure to use dump|restore to copy the files onto hard disk,
not tar or cpio; tar and cpio will fill in the holes in the database files and
the result would require an enormous amount of hard disk space.

From: Richard Elling <>

As I recall, I copied all of the catalyst subdirectory from the CDROM
to a directory and mounted it as /vol/catalyst everywhere on the
network. The total size is about 80Mb. I don't have the demo programs
copied, just the documentation. The contents of /vol/catalyst are:

------------------------- begin ls -F ---------------------------
AEC/ CH17.pag CH3/
AEC.dir CH17.xtoc CH3.dir
AEC.pag CH18/ CH3.pag
AEC.xtoc CH18.dir CH3.xtoc
AI/ CH18.pag CH4/
AI.dir CH18.xtoc CH4.dir
AI.pag CH19/ CH4.pag
AI.xtoc CH19.dir CH4.xtoc
CH10/ CH19.pag CH5/
CH10.dir CH19.xtoc CH5.dir
CH10.pag CH20/ CH5.pag
CH10.xtoc CH20.dir CH5.xtoc
CH11/ CH20.pag CH7/
CH11.dir CH20.xtoc CH7.dir
CH11.pag CH21/ CH7.pag
CH11.xtoc CH21.dir CH7.xtoc
CH12/ CH21.pag CH8/
CH12.dir CH21.xtoc CH8.dir
CH12.pag CH22/ CH8.pag
CH12.xtoc CH22.dir CH8.xtoc
CH13/ CH22.pag CH9/
CH13.dir CH22.xtoc CH9.dir
CH13.pag CH23/ CH9.pag
CH13.xtoc CH23.dir CH9.xtoc
CH14/ CH23.pag bin@
CH14.dir CH23.xtoc bookinfo
CH14.pag CH24/ bookinfo.old
CH14.xtoc CH24.dir bookinfo~
CH15/ CH24.pag catalyst*
CH15.dir CH24.xtoc catalyst.dir
CH15.pag CH25/ catalyst.pag
CH15.xtoc CH25.dir catalyst.xtoc*
CH16/ CH25.pag sr_index/
CH16.dir CH25.xtoc start.catalog*
CH16.pag CH26/ start.catalog.old*
CH16.xtoc CH26.dir start.catalog~*
CH17/ CH26.pag
CH17.dir CH26.xtoc
---------------------------- end -------------------------------
The bin directory is a symlink to /vol/answerbook/bin which is where
I have the answerbook binaries (docviewer and navigator are the most

Next, I edited the bookinfo file to reflect the new location of the

--------------------------- begin bookinfo ----------------------
catalyst:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst/sr_index/catalyst:Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
AEC:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
AI:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH3:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH4:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH5:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH7:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH8:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH9:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH10:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH11:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH12:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH13:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH14:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH15:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH16:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH17:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH18:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH19:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH20:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH21:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH22:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH23:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH24:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH25:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
CH26:/vol/catalyst:/vol/catalyst::Catalyst Catalog, Fall 1991
-------------------------- end ---------------------------

Finally, I edited the start.catalog script so that it pointed
everyone to the correct places:

--------------------------- begin start.catalog -----------------
#! /bin/sh
# Start Catalyst AnswerBook within Catalyst CDware environment
#BINDIR=$CDMOUNT/bin # location of screendemo binary
#export BINDIR
# location of AnswerBook binaries ...
ABBIN=/vol/answerbook/bin # where AnswerBook binaries live
# location of bookinfo file ...
export PATH

if [ -f ${OPENWINHOME:-/XXX}/lib/ ] ; then

echo "Starting Catalyst Catalog viewer..."
$ABBIN/docviewer -Wp 489 22 "/vol/catalyst/catalyst" &
echo "Starting Catalyst Catalog navigator..."
$ABBIN/$NAVIGATOR -Wp 0 22 catalyst &

exit $?
------------------------ end ---------------------

From: Mike Raffety <>
AnswerBook requires specially formatted and indexes PostScript files.
You're not going to be able to use it with the Catalyst catalog.
AnswerBook requires specially formatted and indexes PostScript files.
You're not going to be able to use it with the Catalyst catalog.
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