Summary: What was the SunSolve answer?

From: Arch Mott (
Date: Wed Sep 30 1992 - 19:39:36 CDT

> My Symptom:
> SunSolve is installed locally. DocViewer seems to work just fine. When I
> fire up SearchTool (SearchTool window starts fine) and try to start a search,
> stderr emits:
> rpc.solved: RPC: Unknown host

As usual, there were a bunch of responses to my query. _AND_ I found Syd's
earlier mail describing the problem and solution.

To quote Fabrice Guerni's response:

Hostnames are constructed by the solver daemon by stripping the first
component of the NIS domain. So, if your NIS domain is "",
then host "foo" will appear as "" But if your NIS domain
is "," host "foo" will appear to SunSolve as "" ! To
circumvent it you could create an alias "" but I think Sun
came up with a patch for this.

Thanks to:
phillips@athena.Qualcomm.COM Marc Phillips Fabrice Guerini Geert Jan Tim Evans Mike Rembis Syd Weinstein
era@niwot.scd.ucar.EDU Ed Arnold
and others....

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