SUMMARY rpc.statd error

Date: Fri Oct 02 1992 - 16:45:32 CDT

Answer was to remove /etc/sm/* and /etc/sm.back/*
then kill rpc.statd
I had tried removing, but had not followed up by killing
 daemon this fixed it.
I was told to restart the deamon, but on 2 out of 3 systems it restarted itself.
thanks -Terry

Thanks to those who responded:
Stephen Malowany <>
"Gordon C. Galligher" <>
Daneel Pang <> (Tim Evans) (Michael Harris) (Mark J. Scheller (+1.619.546.6519))
tribunes@Kodak.COM (Susan Tribunella)

Original Post:
:) rpc.statd: cannot talk to statd at earth
:) clnttcp_create: RPC: Program not registered
:) I have been getting this error, I read the man pages but
:) I do not know how to go about solving it.
:) The machines are Sun sparc 2's and IPCs running 4.1.1
:) I would appreciate any ideas. thanks
:) -Terry

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