SUMMARY: Flakey Floppy

From: Mark Holm (analogy!markh@uunet.UU.NET)
Date: Fri Oct 02 1992 - 21:12:13 CDT

And again the list comes through!

In article <> I wrote:
>Sun IPX - OS 4.1.2
>I am having some trouble using the floppy attached to my IPX. I started out
>with a GENERIC kernel, and was having no problems. I could mount a MSDOS
>floppy with the following line from fstab:
> /dev/fd0 /pcfs pcfs rw,noauto 0 0
>I compiled up a new kernel starting with the GENERIC configuration and
>kadded the lines to do PPP making sure that the line:
> #options PCFS
>was included.
>When I tried to mount my floppy again I get:
> mount: unknown filesystem type: pcfs
> mount giving up on:
> /pcfs
>So, I moved the old kernel back and tried it again. Same answer.
>Is there another file besides the kernel that defines what FS types are
>available? And if so, how did I manage to kill it? Any pointers here would
>be greatly appreciated. I have this same behaviour on both the machine on
>my desk and the BriteLight Laptop that I send into the field.


        Have /etc and /usr/etc in your path. Root doesn't have /usr/etc by

It turns out that during the configuration I did the first mount as myself,
where I have a full path. In case you are wondering, suid root on mount. And,
yes I know about the security implications ;-) The second mount was
attempted by root which doesn't include enough stuff to work properly.

Summary of responses follow:

Christian.Peter@Aus.Sun.COM - Was first with the correct answer - honorable mention ;-) - honorable mention ;-)
Just found this information:
                The user must have /usr/etc and /etc in their path
                environment. The mount command needs the file
                mount_pcfs, which is located in /usr/etc.
Maybe this time you are successful!
All noticed that I had inadvertantly added a comment
to the "options" example I supplied. It wasn't actually there in the config
Suggested that I RTFMP. I had. It did not help.
bernards@ECNSUN.ECN.NL - pointed out something that I had noticed but
hadn't found the cause for yet:
Did you use a MESS-DOS 5.0 foratted floppy on a Sun ?

In that case you're hit by Bug ID# 1073864
pcfs will not cope with these floppies

Fix ?

Try fdformat -d on the Sun and the go to the PC or use a PC with an older

Hope this helps,

Suggested mtools, which I am looking at, but would rather not have to load
onto the portable, it's tight for file space as it is.

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