SUMMARY- Backup Copilot tape library trubbles

From: Doug Rinckes (
Date: Tue Sep 29 1992 - 16:11:02 CDT

Some time ago I posted a problem with Backup Copilot.
Simply put, the problem lay in the time lag between asking the package what
tape it would use, and the backup running. If another tape with a lower id
number expired between those two events, the package would expect that tape
to be in the drive.
Of course, that tape *wouldn't* be in the drive and the dump would fail.
The basic answer is yes, it does do that, and no, there isn't much you can
do about it.
Apparently it is fixed in the Solaris 2.0 release.
Meanwhile, you can use this script to get a list of the current tapes, in order
of expiry date and time. You will need to take care interpreting the results
but it is fairly straightforward.
#! /bin/sh
# Get hostname from command-line, default to `/usr/bin/hostname`.
# Specify dumpex's command-line
dumpex="/usr/etc/dumpex -n ${hostname}"
# Specify dumptm's command-line
dumptm="/usr/etc/dumptm -C ${hostname} -l "
# Specify sort's command-line (sort by year(6), month(3), day(4), time(5))
sort="/usr/bin/sort +6 +3M +4 -5"
# Specify echo's command-line
# Run dumpex, scroll a line, run dumptm and sort the result.
${dumpex}; ${echo}; ${dumptm} | ${sort}
Many thanks to:
  Brian.Berliner@Central.Sun.COM Brian Berliner
  Shane.Sigler@Eng.Sun.COM Shane Sigler
  matthew@sunpix.East.Sun.COM Matthew Stier (who supplied the script)

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