Problem with PostScript Printer - A summary

From: Ramesh Doddamani (ramesh@veda)
Date: Fri Oct 02 1992 - 23:16:34 CDT


Some time back, I had posted a query about our Laser printer printing
Postscript code instead of printing the graphics in the file. It was on a
Panasonic KXP4455 printer. I had queried whether the characters "%!" at line
one of the file have to be changed to "%!PS-Adobe-2.0". The people who replied
said that any file beginning with "%!" should qualify as a postscript file.

After some experimentation, I found that replacing "%!" with "%!PS-Adobe-2.0"
did solve my problem. Maybe it is a anomaly on this printer. The tech support
person at Panasonic did not even know what was postscript, so I cannot further
comment on this. Hope it helps somebody.


-- Ramesh Dodamani
-- CWRU NeXT Users Group		

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