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Date: Wed Sep 23 1992 - 18:50:07 CDT

I wrote:

>The mouse for my workstation has become sticky - i.e. it sticks to the
>pad, which moves about the desk. There was a discussion some time
>back, as I recall, but I don't remember the conclusion.

>Please, don't tell me to replace the mouse with a mechanical mouse,
>trackball, or whatever. I just want to get the optical mouse going
>freely again.

11 people responded, and there were a few requests for more the summary
to be posted, so here it is.

There are several problems that can happen to optical mice.

The most common problem is dust accumulating in the felt pads on the
bottom of the mouse. The simplest way to fix this is to scrape the
pads until the dust comes off. Most people suggest using a
fingernail. I used a paperclip, and it worked fine. One person
suggested a rubber (eraser, for those in the US :-).

A second problem is other foreign matter stuck to the pads or the metal
mouse pad. One person said:

    I clean the felt pads on the mouse with Windex or similar solution on a
    lint-free cloth (damp, not saturated). Beware of solvents which may
    cause the pads to detach. Then wax the metal desk "pad" with furniture
    wax used for dusting wood furniture. Again, be careful of solvents...
    The water-based trigger sprays are safer.

    Wipe the desk pad dry and you should be in business.

Another suggestion was to remove the bottom of the mouse and wash it in
warm soapy water or to wash the metal pad with clean water. I haven't
needed to try this.

The other problem is that the felt eventually wears out. The solution
to this is either to replace the pads or replace the mouse. One person
suggested removing the pads altogether, but noted that this makes the
metal pad wear out very quickly.

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