Re: SPARCprinter on a 690MP [SUMMARY]

From: Sam Horrocks (
Date: Sat Sep 26 1992 - 17:27:18 CDT

In <> sam@john-bigboote.ICS.UCI.EDU (Sam Horrocks) writes:

>The problem is reproducible on any 600MP with a sparcprinter by doing
>the following:

> % lpr <filename>

> Wait for the file to start printing and type:

> % rsh <host> 'cat >/dev/null' </dev/null

The above is a typo. It should be:

    % rsh <host> 'cat >/dev/null' </dev/zero

So that /dev/zero is transferred to <host> and dumped into /dev/null.


Sam Horrocks
ICS Department, UC Irvine

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