yppasswd solved (a summary)

From: Tad K. Mannes (tad@prism.gatech.EDU)
Date: Thu Sep 17 1992 - 07:57:56 CDT

My thanks to the following for responding!!!
   robinson@porter.geo.brown.edu (Darrin Robinson)
   drinckes@nzls02.nzl.abk.nec.co.jp (Doug Rinckes)
   volker@nvs-01 (Volker Siebelink)
   raboud%esmlsun@gatech.gatech.edu (R.A. Raboud, Jr.)

Using suggestions from each of them I was finally able to get `yppasswdd' to
work correctly. The correct behavior being:

  - the passwd data file (text formatted identical to /etc/passwd) was updated
    with the new password.

  - a make was performed which updated the NIS/YP passwd map file, and pushed
    the new map to the other clients in the domain.

I ended up with the following to start the `yppasswdd' daemon:

 /usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd /var/yp/data/passwd -nosingle -m passwd DIR=/var/yp/data

The final analysis is this:

   - the full path to rpc.yppasswdd must be present (i.e.

   - the first argument is the full path to the password data (text) file (i.e.

   - the `-nosingle' option follows (though I don't know what it is since its
     not in the man page at this site). It may be that this is actually

   - the `-m' argument follows the `-nosingle' argument and it causes the `make'
     to be performed.

   - the `passwd' argument which follows the `-m' is the argument that actually
     gets passed to the `make'.

   - the last argument `DIR=/var/yp/data' should contain the full path to the
     directory which contains the passwd data (text) file, NOT the directory
     which contains the `Makefile' file.

Again my thanks and appreciation to the folks listed at the top of the message!


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