Summary: UUCICO timeout options??

From: Rob Scott (zeke@mpl.UCSD.EDU)
Date: Tue Sep 15 1992 - 02:13:53 CDT

Thanks to all who replied so quickly to my post regarding UUCP software
timeout control: (Mark Plotnick) (Fabrice Guerini) (Guntram Wolski) (Tom Tengdin) (Mark Holm)
        Peter Shipley <shipley@tfs.COM>
        skipnyc!skipsun! (Skip Gilbrech)
        uusr243!burrito! (Paul Blankenbaker)

There were a variety of suggestions, most of which were variations on a
theme: to modify the expect-send pairs in the /etc/uucp/Dialers file to
add delays in the appropriate places and to setup an expect-send-expect
stream to provide a path to reset the 45 second default timout.
Here are the changes that I made to get this to work:

Entry as written by Sun:
tbfast =W-, "" \dA\pA\pA\pTE1V1X1Q0S2=255S12=255S50=255\r\c OK\r \EATDT\T\r\c CONNECT\sFAST

Entry as modified by me for delays and recovery:
tbfast =W-, "" \dA\pA\pA\pTE1V1X1Q0S2=255S12=255S50=255\r\c OK\r \EATDT\T\r\c\d\d\d\d CONNECT\sFAST-\c-CONNECT\sFAST \d\n

The first change is the addition of 8 seconds of delay (\d\d\d\d) at the end
of the send sequence that dials the telephone number, which effectively handles
a significant portion of the switching time involved in aquiring the
connection. Should it still fall through the 45 second timeout, the
"CONNECT\sFAST-\c-CONECT\sFAST" expect-send-expect token should catch it.
The final \d\n send string after connect attempts to generate an extra "login:"
from the remote host to counteract a problem I was experiencing with the
"login:" string being missed by uucico because it showed up before uucico was
expecting it.

Almost every respondant suggested that I get a copy of the "Managing UUCP and
Usenet" book by O'Reilly and Associates. I actually had the book, but it was
at work and I was not and didn't intend to be.

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            Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego
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