SUMMARY: Sun h/w support.

From: lobelia!
Date: Sat Sep 12 1992 - 02:06:02 CDT

 My original requested was:
| Dear manager,
| Does any one out there has any informations about Prime computer, who provides Sun's
| hardware support and maintenance. Informations or comments about other vendors are
| also appreciate.
| -Thanks
| Cuong C Nguyen
| 3Com/NAD SysAdmin

First I would like to say thank to all for your help, especially:
 Dan Aderhold <> (Ron Henderson)

The following are few interesting recommendations and opinons that I have received:
(I'm listing it in order as it was received :)))

>From Wed Sep 9 09:43:05 1992 wrote:
we use Polaris and have been pleases with their response
time and price

Polaris Service Don Phillip 800-541-5831
I think that you will find that Sun has divided up the country and has
different service providers in different areas. For example in the Mid Atlantic
Region ( Maryland, DC, Virginia) it is Bell Atlantic. I Believe in the
Northwest ( Washington, Oregon) it is Kodak. This all started a couple years
ago. Right now we Use Honeywell to do our maintenance for both our Sun & DEC
machines. The official division of Honeywell is the Industrial Automation &
Controls Division (I think I got that right :-)) If you want more information
on them and can't seem to contact the right part of Honeywell ( They are a
big sprawling company with a lot of independent divisions) Let me know where
you are and I will get some contact info for you.
- Bob Smart Net -
   Verdix Corp. Fax - (703) 318-9304
   205 Van Buren Phone - (703) 318-5808
   Herndon, Va 22070

Motorola's Field Service Organization provides service and support for
Sun in the United States and Canada. We would be glad to provide you with
information regarding the many service programs we offer.

If you are interested, please feel free to call or E-Mail me at the
numbers listed below.

Dan Aderhold | Voice: 916-854-2951
Regional Sales Manager | Fax : 916-368-2923
Motorola Inc. |
Computer Systems Group | Athena!wreg!sacfsd!dan
Field Service Organization | {apple | pyramid}!motcsd!fsd!wreg!sacfsd!dan


A Company called LightNET, Inc.

                                --- Ron Henderson (rwh)
                                LightNET, Inc. - A UNIX and Networks Company


Interestingly enough, Prime provides our on-site service support under
a sub-contractual arrangement with our primary service provider, which
is Polaris (a much larger company). Both seem quite competent, however
our Polaris rep says they use different sub-contractors for their on-site
service depending on the region and ability of the sub to deliver in that
area, so your mileage may vary. I'd certainly give them a call ... and
if you'd like a few (hundred :^) other phone calls from their various
competitors, I'd be glad to send a few eager ones your way. ;^)

++ Ron International Software Systems Peace! ++
        1+512+338-5724 9430 Research, Austin TX 78759 <><
I haven't used them (Prime) personally for Sun support, but I know
one of the field support managers. he's a good friend of mine. If
you wish, I can forward your message to him and have him call you
if you like. Or I can ask him any questions you might have about
Prime. I won't do anything unless I hear from you.

I've also met some of the engineers, and they seem like very nice
people (that's always helped for me personally when it came to
choosing support companies).

One thing I DO know is that Prime is very enthusiastic about their
Sun support and they also support many other platforms other than
just Sun.

That's all I know offhand....

We've deal with Prime Support for years and have found there personnel to be
professional and capable. Prime has been using Sun hardware and software
internally to their own company for about five or six years that I know of.
They do the job right the first time.
Bob Rutherford

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