Summary: Running PC-NFS and Packet Driver applications simultaneously

From: Malcolm Carlock (
Date: Wed Sep 09 1992 - 17:45:06 CDT

Thanks to all who responded to my original query. The answer appears to
be to run a packet multiplexer on top of the packet driver. This allows
multiple "channels" into one packet driver, allowing PC-NFS (and other
similar packages) to share the TCP/IP stack with applications such as
NCSA-Telnet, NUPOP, TRUMPET etc., and allows those applications to read
and write files from/to PC-NFS-mounted network disks.

The packet multiplexer which was overwhelmingly recommended was PKTMUX11.EXE.
A number of FTP sites that carry this package are discoverable via ARCHIE.

If using PC-NFS, you will also need the ka9q PKTD.SYS driver. I forget
where we obtained this, but a copy can be ftp'd from,
under the pub/dos/ip/PKDR-ka9q-compat directory.

Installation details I will leave to the documentation for these packages,
which is excellent (especially that for PKTMUX.)

Hope this helps.


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