SUMMARY: Re: Four disks on a Xylogics 451 controller

From: Per Andersson (
Date: Thu Sep 10 1992 - 17:37:16 CDT

I wrote:
>I have a 3/280, with three disks on two Xylogics 451 controllers. Now I need to
>connect more disks, and I was wonderring how. I have heard rumours about
>a driver for four disks per 451, has anybody seen it ? Or can I put another
>451 controller in the 3/280 ?

It seems my local SUN-manager rememberred completely wrong. I have gotten a
lot of messages, nearly all telling me it will work, some specifying OS:es
such as 3.5. So I tried with my 4.1.1_U1 system and three disks. It works!
Just change in the config file to have targets 0,1,2,3 corresponding to
xyc0 disk xy0,xy1,xy2,xy3, and do a MAKEDEV xy* for the added drives.
(It might be a bit slow to have more than two drives though)

Thanx all !

Per Andersson - ( on free time)
Managing networks at, but not speaking for Nobeltech AB, J{rf{lla, Sweden

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