SUMMARY: ie0: lost interrupt: resetting

Date: Mon Sep 21 1992 - 22:09:51 CDT

Here is my original message:

| Subject: "ie0: lost interrupt: resetting"
| I have a Sun-4/490 running SunOS 4.1.1 that is getting the above message
| in the messages file. The manuals says "The driver and 82586 chip have
| lost synchronization with each other. The driver recovers by resetting
| itself and the chip". The messages just started about a month ago. They
| seem to be coming more frequently. Is this a serious problem? Is the
| ethernet interface about to go?

Thanks to the following people for responding. (Joe Garbarino) (Robert Montjoy) (John Schneider)
apex!markm@uunet.UU.NET (Mark McDonald)
kalli! (Glenn Satchell)
kalli!fourx!kuma3.Japan.Sun.COM!kevins@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (Ed Arnold) (David N. Edwards)

The majority of the people mentioned the ie ethernet jumbo patch
(100570-01), which is included in SunOS 4.1.3. I installed the
patch and have seen no errors in about 5 days.

The README for 100570-01 is included below. Also, the README for
patch 100330-5 is included. This patch apparently is a jumbo patch
for SunOS 4.1.1 that includes 100570, 100232, and 100126.

John Schneider ( mentioned having
problems with "ie0: no carrier" errors on his system. He was
thinking that maybe the error I was seeing may be related to
his error since they're both coming from ie. I don't think this
patch will fix your problem, John. From everything I've read,
"no carrier" messages usually mean you have a loose connection to
your transceiver.

Patch-ID# 100570-01
Keywords: ie0, ethernet, controller, interrupt, resetting
Synopsis: SunOS 4.1.1;4.1.2: ie0 ethernet jumbo patch
Date: 30/Mar/92

SunOS release: 4.1.1 4.1.2

Unbundled Product:

Unbundled Release:

Topic: ie patch

BugId's fixed with this patch: 1039326 1085043 1054014 1052879

Architectures for which this patch is available: sun3, sun3x, sun4

Patches which may conflict with this patch: obsolete patch 100261, 100321

Obsoleted by:

Under heavy system load the following message appears
"ie0: lost interrupt resetting" and the driver resets
this could be a result of the interrupt not actually
being lost.

When machines using Intel 82586 Ethernet controllers (eg, sun4/1XX,
sun4/2XX and sun4/4XX) are on the same subnet as those machines using
AMD 7990 Ethernet controllers (eg, SS1, SS2, and galaxy), the former
lose the contention from time to time and print out "ie0: net jammed"
messages. Users usually worry about this.

Confirmed that the 4/490 was sending out misaligned frames.
A network sniffer will show at the DLC layer that the "bad" packets are
misaligned frames.

Adding and removing Multicast addresses to the ie interface can sometimes
generate the above panic.

files included with this patch: ie_conf.c, ie_conf.o, if_ie.o, if_ievar.h

Install Instructions:

As root:

mv /sys/`arch -k`/OBJ/ie_conf.o /sys/`arch -k`/OBJ/ie_conf.o.FCS
mv /sys/`arch -k`/OBJ/if_ie.o /sys/`arch -k`/OBJ/if_ie.o.FCS
mv /sys/sunif/ie_conf.c /sys/sunif/ie_conf.c.FCS
mv /sys/sunif/if_ievar.h /sys/sunif/if_ievar.h.FCS
cp `arch -k`/{4.1.1,4.1.2}/ie_conf.o /sys/`arch -k`/OBJ
cp `arch -k`/{4.1.1,4.1.2}/if_ie.o /sys/`arch -k`/OBJ
cp `arch -k`/{4.1.1,4.1.2}/ie_conf.c /sys/sunif
cp `arch -k`/{4.1.1,4.1.2}/if_ievar.h /sys/sunif
A new kernel will need to be built and installed.

Please refer to the system and networking administration manual
for details on building and installing a new kernel.


Patch-ID# 100330-05
Keywords: system hang, kernelmap, mbuf, ie ethernet, misaligned frames, SS2 crash
Synopsis: SunOS 4.1.1: kernelmap causing system hangs or running out of mbuf
Date: 3/Apr/92
SunOS release: 4.1.1
Unbundled Product:
Unbundled Release:
Topic: Jumbo Patch for the system hang problems due to kernelmap,
       running out
       of mbufs (100126), along with SS2 crash with screen going blank
       (100232), and other problems of ie driver (100570) such as
       misaligned frames, lost interrupt net jammmed messages on the
       sun4 platform and kernel panic iesynccmd. This patch includes
       patches 100126, 100570, 100232.

NOTE: You will still need patch 100126 for OS versions other than 4.1.1.
Note: This patch conflicts with Sun DBE 1.1. If you are using DBE 1.1,
request patch 100447.

Thanks again for all the help.

Debbie Eckel
Naval Surface Warfare Center

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