SUMMARY: continuous rpc.statd console error messages

Date: Thu Sep 17 1992 - 22:04:41 CDT

The response has been overwhelming, I have gotten over 60 replies and
more are still coming in.

Almost everyone has suggested the same thing, check for the host name
as a file in /etc/sm and /etc/sm.bak and remove it.
About half also correctly added that rpc.statd has to be killed and
restarted ( or reboot) to actually stop the messages.

I had checked in /etc/sm but failed to also check sm.bak.
In my case the host file name was in sm.bak.
Probably from my IBM PC days I assumed sm.bak was some superfluous
back up of the sm directory.

I noticed this bug notice at the end of the man entry for rpc.statd:
     The crash of a site is only detected upon its recovery.

Interpretation: your death is only discovered on your reincarnation,
   or when God gets sick of the error messages on his console.

The man entry for statd must be one of the shortest and least helpful
listings on line. Just a three line description, and no mention of
the purpose, or format of the sm directories.

Thanks to all for your speedy answers,

John Ratcliffe. UCSD Division of Engineering.

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