SUMMARY BIND4.8.3 on OS4.1.2

Date: Sun Sep 13 1992 - 22:14:31 CDT

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Subject: Bind4.8.3 on OS 4.1.2
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 16:18:26 MDT

Original Posting was (in part)
Does anyone have a good cook book "how to" for compiling
Bind4.8.3 on SunOS4.1.2, using the shared libraries ?? I have
been trying on my own from the Bind4.8.3README - I wont even
begin to expound upon that pleasure!!!!

The major gotcha that caused some of my initial grief was quickly pointed
out by (Jim Davis), the fix being to add to the end
of every line in the /usr/lib/shlib.etc/Makefile that starts with 'ld',

Now for some more information to those who want it. There seems, from
the return postings, to be two starting source-hacks to get the
BIND4.8.3 resolving routines in the shared libs on 4.1.xSunOS. The
one I chose to use was 'bindon41.shar.Z' by Dave Curry <>
which provides (from the read me)
        - Instructions for creating a SunOS 4.1 shared library which uses
          the BIND resolver routines in place of the YP/NIS gethostby*()
          routines. (This file.)
        - Patches to the BIND 4.8.3 resolver routines which enable you to
          place them in a SunOS 4.1 shared library. (resolver.patches)
        - Patches to the named Makefile and named-xfer.c to enable you to
          compile them under SunOS 4.1. (named.patches)
        - Patches to the nslookup Makefile to enable you to compile it
          under SunOS 4.1. (nslookup.patches)
Outside of a couple compile errors dealing with illegal pointers in
ns_main.c and the patched version of named-xfer.c which I have not
tracked down yet ... and that the BIND4.8.3 named/Makefile has
changed since the diff patchs where created - I can attest to the fact
that this way works (so far!).

The second source-hack is resolv+ orginally from Bill Wisner
<> and seems to be well worth a look. If
I were to do it again I would prob. go this way - and may still!

A complete conglomeration of returned postings is avaible through
anonymous ftp at /pub/BIND483-SunOS412.Z for anyone
who wants to sift through them for more information. Included in
this is also a shell script sent by that
also promises to offer a clean run at getting this done.
Thanks goes to:-) (Jim Davis) -> '-ldl' & bindon41.shar.Z -> just use 4.1.1 compiled binaries
                            -> pointer to a patch for SunOS -> pointer to resolv+ -> past posting about resolv+
mattson@cs.UCSD.EDU (Jim Mattson)
                            -> pointer to bindon41.shar.Z
                            -> usefull shellscript & lots of info

Hope I didn't leave anyone out! and thanks to all!

Storm <>

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