Summary : Text buffer size.

From: esanborn@Cadence.COM
Date: Tue Sep 15 1992 - 11:54:57 CDT

    This mailing list is great!

    The answer to my query as to what can be done about
    the small buffer size in Sunview Cmdtool windows is to
    a solution provided by Brian Holgate:

This is a new feature for 4.1.2. If you add: -M (some memory size number)
>to your .sunview start up file, every thing should be O.K..
>Eg: cmdtool -Wp 176 109 -Ws 800 755 -WP 1088 256 -Wf 0 244 0 -M 2000000
>would limit the cmd tool scroll area to 2 meg.
>Hope this helps,

  Thanks Brian, and thanks go to all who responded.

 Take care,

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