SUMMARY Sun to PC connection

From: John Malick (
Date: Mon Sep 14 1992 - 18:40:43 CDT

Thanks to everyone that replied.

My original posting was:

> > I am trying to set up a configuration as follows:
> > SparcStation at one site with a PC at a remote site.
> > We want to be able to dial into the PC and retrieve files.
> >
> > Summary will be posted and thanks will be properly noted

There were many responses to my question. Here is something of a summary:

-- Procomm on a PC can call the Sun and retrieve files without any communication
        on the Sun.

-- UUPC for the PC. Standard type UNIX UUCP which will spool file transfers and
        then call the Sun and upload. Probably the way to go.

-- Kermit protocol for the Sun available from ftp. Or use sz,rz for send and
        receive files, also available on net ( ftp).

Here are some of the people I want to thank:

thanks again to all who replied

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