SUMMARY: When will SPARCstation-10s be delivered ?

From: Ole Holm Nielsen (
Date: Thu Sep 03 1992 - 08:20:01 CDT

Original question:
>We are eagerly awaiting upgrades to the new SPARCstation-10 model 41
>(the 1-processor machine with 1 MB cache). Our friendly salesman
>apologizes for not having new, reliable delivery dates (now that
>the original date has slipped by 3 weeks). I hear that no machines
>have been delivered to Europe yet...
>Question: Does anyone have reliable information on when Sun will
>be able to deliver the SS-10/41 in sufficient quantity.
>Are there any (non-Beta) customers who have received their machines ?
>The lack of problem reports on this list might indicate that
>noone has it yet !
>Is Solaris 1.1 (aka SunOS 4.1.3) being delivered to customers ?

The answers:
Firstly, many people reported having received Solaris 1.1 (SunOS 4.1.3),
which I consider promising :-).

The SPARCstation-10 model 30 will come first (First Customer Shipment
at September 24, according to one source, but someone's Sun salesperson
claimed FCS at "end of august"). No replies from any model 30 *owners*.

The message on the delivery date of model 41 (the one we ordered, and
which we consider a reasonable match for our IBM and HP boxes) is varied:
October: 2
November: 1
December: 6
No promised date: 2

>From this limited statistics I fear that our model 41 may show up wrapped
in colored paper under my Christmas tree :-(. Some claim that Sun's
problem lies in chip deliveries for the model 41. A possible buyer's
approach is to get a model 30 delivered ASAP, with a later M-bus module
swap to the model 41. I am sure that Sun does all it can to deliver
these machines, but I guess that HP, IBM and others are not just sitting
on their butts in the meantime !

Thanks to:
David Trueman <> (Randy garrett) (Ron Gaug)
zeke@mpl.UCSD.EDU (Rob Scott) (Eckhard R"uggeberg) (Malcolm C. Strickland)
Tim Beyea <beyea@ERC.MsState.Edu>
seidc! (Guntram Wolski)
Vesa Halkka <> (Steve Simmons) (for the flame)
Denis Beauchemin <>
Dwight A. Ernest <>

plus too many people to menation answering about 4.1.3.
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