Re: Summary: SUN Mono screen dimming

From: Joerg Hertzer (
Date: Thu Sep 03 1992 - 10:05:54 CDT

In article <> writes:
>I have just taken delivery of a Sun 19-inch Grayscale moniter.
>To maximize screen lifetime, when I am not using Sun interactively should I
>1) switch moniter off.
>2) Lock screen with Blank
>3) Dim screen to minimum Brightness.
>Are the problems same on Grayscale as on the Mono ?
> Please advice best approach. Thanks
For screen lifetime: one from 1) - 3), whatever you prefer.
For lifetime of the hole monitor: 1) (but ONLY for longer breaks,
                                       e.g. some hours )

That all the same for Mono, Grayscale or Color Monitor.


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