SUMMARY: Question about netstat.

From: Vicky Kontoyianni (
Date: Thu Sep 03 1992 - 04:36:17 CDT

   Original question was:

>Dear Sun managers,
>I would like to use the netstat command(netstat -i) in order to count
>the percentage of collisions in our Sun workstations. Is the formula
> (100xCollis)/Opkts correct to find the percentage of collisions? That
>is, Opkts contains the number of collisions or not?
> Thanks in advance,
>Vicky Kontoyianni E-mail:
>Systems Engineer

All people aggreed that this is the correct formula to use in order to
count the percentage of collisions. Some of them gave hints about what this
percentage must be in order to have a healthy network: it semms that any
number < 5% is a good one.

A lot of thanks to: (Chris Perry) (Martin Kelly) (Russ Poffenberger) (Dan Gosse) (Keith Stone) (Mike Raffety)


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