SUMMARY: 'Permission denied' with cm and binder

From: David Tock (
Date: Thu Sep 03 1992 - 11:11:22 CDT

Not an overwhelming response to this one, but a few replies (ok 4).

One suggested this was a prank! (Wrong Patricio, but thanks...)

Another suggested running 'install_cmgr', which we already had done.

Another suggested that the calendar data file had been corrupted by
switching between OW2.0 and OW3.0. We have been running OW3.0 for months...

Finally, I had the problems of moving calendar files between machines pointed
out to me, and possibly making changes to .cm.rc.

Thanks to those who replied....
Patricio Ortiz <ortiz@ca.utoronto.astro.vela>
ross@com.ti.dseg (Tony Ross ) (Keith Dale)
Chris Keane <chris@AU.COM.state.rufus>

The calendar problem had been a spin off from the binder problem. In order to
work out why binder did not work, the user had had a second user name set up
with a different home directory, but the same UID. This seemed to confuse
the calendar daemon. Restarting it solved the calendar problem.

The binder is a funny one. Binder works fine if started from the menu.
Binder crashes immediately if started from a tcsh in a shelltool.
Binder crashes when you try to save your personal bindings if it was started
from a csh in a shelltool.

The user has since made 'major' changes to his .login and .cshrc files, and
now only has problems with filemgr, but thats a different story. Binder seems
to be working. All we can think is that something in his environment was
giving binder indegestion.

Original message follows....

> To: sun-managers@edu.rice
> Subject: 'Permission denied' with cm and binder
> One of our users has started trying to use binder to create personal entries.
> The binder window shows a 'Read-Only Entry' message at the bottom, even when
> the Personal Entries are selected. Trying to save anything causes binder to
> crash.
> While trying to investigate this problem, something has been done to 'break'
> the calendar manager (cm). This has been in regular use for months, but now
> refuses to let that one user create entries in his own appointsments file.
> Other users on the machine can use binder and cm without problems, and as
> far as I can tell, all permissions are what they should be.
> Any suggestions or pointer where to look gratefully received.
> System is Sun IPX running 4.1.1 with Type-5 keyboard patches, and OW/3.

  David Tock, Mathematical Sciences, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

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