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Date: Fri Sep 04 1992 - 11:31:52 CDT

The original question...

> Apologies if this is not the correct list I don't know any other list.
>Does anybody know where may I find a program that makes passwd checks,
>i.e. reject idiot passwords, notifies password aging etc.?

Thank you to all who responded: (Adam Shostack) (Frank Dauns) (Craig Hunt)
        era@niwot.scd.ucar.EDU (Ed Arnold) (Robert E. Landsparger)
        Chris Keane <chris@rufus.state.COM.AU> (Brett Lymn)
        kevins@kuma3.Japan.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (Ole Holm Nielsen) (Richard Bogusz)
        hansen@SCR.SLB.COM (Ove Hansen) (Dr Gareth Barker)
        Pete Phillips <uunet!egh-qc!pete>

and to all the people that will answer after this posting; This list is really

     Eight answers suggested npasswd. One even sent over the complete archie
search result!
     Two suggested passwd+; Two suggested crack; one suggested cops package.
     One suggestion to cross-post to, and, which I didn't as I'm still not connected to News ;-(

One posting suggested a modified /bin/passwd file and a pacth (10021-04).

Former programs all available form anonymous ftp:

npasswd from in pub/npasswd/npasswd.tar.Z
passwd+ from in pub/security/passwd+.tar.Z
crack from in pub/tools/crack/crack_4.1.tar.Z
cops from in pub/tools/cops/1.04/cops_104.tar.Z

Other products mentioned:

Sunshield a.k.a ARM;
The Obvious Password Detector (OPD), from comp.sources.unix, nov 88.
The OPUS Project passwd program, discussed in proceedings of the 14th
Natl Computer Security Conference (Oct 91).

Up to now I tried crack and npasswd, I already knew about cops. I found them
an unbeatable team!

I'm still waiting for passwd+ as my Internet link was down for a while.

Please send me an e-mail msg ( if you would like a digest of all

Thanks again for the very QUICK and USEFUL answers.



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