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Date: Thu Sep 03 1992 - 19:48:55 CDT


Thanks to all of you who responded. There were three peoples
request me to share this information; therefore, I post it
here as a FYI.

I decided to buy 2 HP LaserJetIIIsi after the research; again,
thanks to all of you. My apology for sending the question to
the wrong list.

Have a good day, everyone!



This is the list of comments:

upon reading your query on high-volume laser printers, I can
only highly recommend Kodak's 1392 Printer. It does dual-sided
prints with PostScript, PCL (4) and various line/printwheel
printer emulations at 92 ppm.

not sure what you mean by industrial grade ... the HP IIIsi can do
double sided pretty quickly at a reasonable price.

we really like the HP LaserJet IIIsi printers for double-sided
B&W printing. Not only that, but they have a nifty ethernet card for
the IIIsi that works great. The HP LaserJet IIIsi has resolution
enhancement that varies the size of the dots. It is actually a 300
dpi printer, but with the resolution enhancement it generates output
that looks very close to 400dpi.

     The LaserJet III (no "si") also has resolution enhancement, but
it is not a double-sided printer, and the available ethernet card
option does not support bi-directional communication. If you don't
want the ethernet interface, that may not be an issue. It means you
don't get PostScript error messages back from the printer, and you
can't get page accounting information. We don't like that "feature."

     Other than that, we thing both the III and the IIIsi are great
printers. It should be easy to find HP distributors in the phone

I use the HP IIIsi. It can be purchased with a built-in
Ethernet interface.

We have been using a HP IIIsi (hanging off a terminal server) for
a while now with great success. We got it from the local computer
retailer "J&R music world" in lower manhattan.

we have the postscript and the duplexing option. We have set up
two queues for this printer. One turns on the duplexing and the
other runs only single sided printing.

check out the HP LaserJet IIISi. It's an industrial-strength
machine which prints 17 pages per minute. An optional ``duplexer''
provides double-sided output capability. Single- or dou ble- sided
mode may be selected by commands within the print job, and a
default mode is configured into the printer. Double-sided
printing slows output slightly to 15 pages per minute (a page is
one side of a sheet). Two input trays hold 500 sheets apiece.
The printer can be configured to switch trays utomatically when
one empties. An optional 1500 sheet feeder replaces one tray,
offering a total of 2000 sheets of paper (that's four packs of
paper). HP Printer Control Language (PCL) version 5 is standard.
Adobe PostScript is optional, and the printer can be switched
between the two languages. The PostScript is fast. The IIISi
has printed jobs without delay which an Apple LaserWriter II NT
took notic able time to process. Serial and parallel input
ports are standard. An Ethernet interface with TCP/IP or Novell
software is available. I recommend parallel or Ethernet input;
the printe r's performance is easily limited by the comparatively
serial input channel.

Like the HP IIIsi, with internal Ethernet board, for both of the
purposes you mentioned.

Hyphen, Inc., offers a line of 600 and 800-DPI laser printers in
8.5x11 and 11x17 inch format, as well as newspaper broadsheet size.
These are bundled with our PostScript Interpreter, which is
considered by many (actually, by most) to be the best in the
industry. You can contact Hyphen by writing or calling or via
email to

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