SUMMARY - tip file xfer problems

From: Charles W. Wilkerson (
Date: Wed Sep 02 1992 - 17:25:50 CDT

The original question...

> I am using a SPARC IPC running 4.1.2. I have a Microcom Microporte 4232bis
> modem attached to my system, and I am using this to connect to a
> remote machine via tip. Using the tip ~t (take) command, I can
> transfer *text* files from a remote machine to my machine with no
> apparent problem. I cannot, however, successfully retrieve compressed
> text files or tar files (let alone compressed tar files). In
> addition, when I use the tip ~p (put) command to xfer a text file from
> my machine to the remote, all of the `#` characters are stripped out
> of the file. Needless to say, I also cannot ~p compressed or tar
> files.
> Has anyone had this kind of tip experience? Also, on a related topic,
> has anyone had success using slip-4.0 w/ tip to communicate with a
> remote network?

Thank you to all who responded:
     etnibsd!vsh@uunet.UU.NET (Steve Harris)
     Aydin Edguer <edguer@alpha.CES.CWRU.Edu>
     Chris Keane <chris@rufus.state.COM.AU>
     seidc! (Guntram Wolski) (Jose A. Fernandez)
     kalli!fourx!kuma3.Japan.Sun.COM!kevins@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
     davies@gest20.SINet.SLB.COM (Peter Samuel) (Matt Goheen)
     Mike Raffety <> (Chuck Yerkes)
     Michael S. Maiten <msm@Energetic.COM>
     stuart@orac.HQ.Ileaf.COM (Stuart Freedman {x1708})
     Dwight A. Ernest <>

The overwhelming concensus was that tip is *no good* for anything but
8-bit clean text files.

Most responded that uuencode could be used to get files into
text form before transmission, with uudecode at the other end. I have
experimented with this a little, obtaining mixed results.

Many also suggested using either zmodem or kermit packages to move
binary files.

Also, those with an opinion on the SLIP part of the question suggested
PPP instead of SLIP. I have had a difficult time with SLIP, not in
terms of installation/connection, but with address resolution by the
SLIP host machine once I'm attached (but this is another problem).

Please message me direct ( if you would like a digest of
all responses, or if you know of an ftp source for zmodem and/or PPP.

Thanks again for the many *quick and helpful* responses.

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