SUMMARY: iris-ansi termcap/terminfo Entries for Sun

From: Tres Hofmeister (
Date: Mon Aug 31 1992 - 19:03:30 CDT

        Thanks to all those who replied.

        The method I used to solve this problem was to copy the SGI
files /usr/lib/terminfo/i/iris* to /usr/lib/terminfo/i on the Sun,
then run '/usr/5bin/infocmp -Cr' on each of these to create termcap
descriptions for /etc/termcap. This appears to work just fine.

        Another suggestion was to generate the termcap description
files on the SGI, convert them to terminfo descriptions on the Sun
using captoinfo, then compile the resulting terminfo descriptions
using tic. As file(1) reports that the binary files from the SGI are
of the type "Compiled Terminfo Entry", this seemed unnecessary.

Tres Hofmeister

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