SUMMARY: Adding 1M simms to a sun 4/110

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Date: Tue Sep 01 1992 - 13:39:12 CDT

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> I want to add 8 1M simms (from a 3/60) to my 4/110 which is currently
> full of 256k simms (32 of them) to end up with 16x256 + 8x1 (=12M), (I
> doubt that 24x256 + 8x1 (=14M) would work but that would be nice...).
> There have been some questions on this list before about adding memory
> to a 4/110, so I dug out the only summary I could find and it details
> how to mix 256 and 1M simms for the following combinations:
> 8M 32x256 - default
> 16M 16x1 - but where?
> 20M 16x1 + 16x256 - 1M simms on the right(?)
> 32M 32x1
> With the appropriate jumper settings. ...Problem is, I can't work out from
> this how to make my available chips work... Any ideas guys?
> PS. When I ask Sun, they say "1M simms not supported"...


The answer is: no I can't.

The only possible configurations are the ones listed above, i.e. you
can only add simms 16 at a time and my simms are the wrong "mode"
anyway. So this means the minimum upgrade is to 20M (16M would work
but since the left out 256k simms are useless, they might as well be

When I said "1M simms not supported" I should have clarified that by
saying "1M simms taken out of a 3/60 not supported". The 4/110 SIMM's
are normally 70ns and a different "mode" [from 3/60 simms] Something
like fast page mode versus some other mode. [- Gary Cook]

1M 80ns simms from SS1s seem to work "mostly" (i.e. not all do). I
don't know the spec of mine but they say: M25050, siemens hyb
511000-85 8817.

Many thanks to all respondents: (John Brown)
Gary.Cook@Corp.Sun.COM (Gary Cook - ICON Edu Mgr) (Bill Hunter [Intelligent Electronics]) (Ralph Merwin) (Konradin Stoehr)
Steve Mowbray <> (Matt Goheen)
David Barto <barto@megatek.uucp>

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