Summary: 14.4k modem on Sun 4/380

From: Henry Liao (
Date: Wed Sep 02 1992 - 13:39:21 CDT

In article <>, (Henry Liao) writes:
|> Here is a query to the wisdom of Sun administrators on the net.
|> I've connected a 14.4k data/fax modem w/ V.{32,32bis,42,42bis} and MNP2-5
|> on a Sun 4/380 running 4.1.2.
|> Question 1:
|> How should I configure /etc/{ttytab,gettytab} for the optimal throughput?
|> I tried 'Auto-baud' and various baud rates on the Sun, but my 386PC w/ a
|> similar 14.4k modem (supports all compression protocols) always negotiate to
|> 14.4k. It doesn't matter if the speed is set to 9600-57600 on either ends.
        Many thanks to those who responded. I haven't tried netfax yet,
but will summarize later if interests arise.

Here is what I've done to get it to work.

Configure the modem on the Sun w/ the following options (prefix w/ AT):
&Q5 Configured for V.42/V.42 bis operation
%C1 Enable MNP class 5 operation
\J0 Turn off DTE baud rate adjustment

Create an entry in /etc/ttytab:
ttyj0 "/usr/etc/getty new.19200" dialup on hardcar remote

I use a rotary table for testing of various speeds in /etc/gettytab:


kill -1 1 # to restart ttys

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